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Guide updated october 19, 2020.

Attention: All items needed to make the progression to the second class are sold at NPC Lumen the Barmaid in the Lorencia pub.

[/U]Step 1 - To perform the evolution quest, with your character, reach level 150+.

Step 2 – Go to Devias in NPC Sebina the Priest, located in the coordinate (184, 30) and click on it to start the quest to progress to second class.

* The image above is merely illustrative, you must click on the NPC to start the conversation!

Step 3 – After finishing the conversation with the Sebine, it will ask you to search for 1 (one) Scroll of the Emperor.

Scroll of the Emperor
All classes

* All items are sold at Lorencia pub.

Step 4 – Return to Sebina the Priest and deliver the Scroll of the Emperor to finish the first part of the quest

Step 5 – Start a new conversation with Sebina, now she will ask you to fetch some lost treasures from Devilz's continent.

Attention: For each class it will order a different item, see below which items correspond to each class:

Broken Sword Soul of Wizard Tear of Elf Abyssal Eye
For Dark Knight For Dark Wizard For Elf For Summoner

* All items are sold at Lorencia pub.

Step 6 – After acquiring the item required for your class, return to NPC Sebina the Priest to finish your quest for evulotion to second class.

Success! – You evolved into second class!

* Example of Dark Wizard evolved into Soul Master (2nd class).

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