New year, new opportunities! With the start of 2024, DevilzMu reaffirms its commitment to improving the experience for its players. To this end, we present the first Epic January 2024 Promotion and update, full of exciting news, items, systems and events.

One of the main new features returning to the continent is the Gift Coin, which offers the exciting chance to obtain the legendary Griffin Kit [+]. However, the innovations don't stop there. Among DVZ Coin's promotional releases, the following stand out: HeroBlue Kit [+], Shadowborn Kit [+] and Wisdom's Kit [+].


In this edition of the promotion, you will have the opportunity to acquire, in the DevilzMu Shop X, in the Gift Coin section, the exclusive Rare Ticket: Earring. With this item, you can request, through our email, a pair of Earrings (Left and Right) +0, with 4 (four) options of your choice. Don't miss the chance to obtain this unique and exclusive item.

If you purchase a Rare Ticket: Earring, please contact us via email to request your Earring (The delivery time for requests may vary between 1 to 7 business days according to the Brazilian calendar).



Gift Ranking is now available in the Epic January 2024 Promotion! In this edition, you will have the chance to acquire this currency in two different ways. The first and traditional way is by purchasing specific promotional packages available in our online store. However, the big news is that, for every 10.000 DVZ Coins spent on DevilzMu Shop X, you will receive 1 (one) Gift Coin.

When you use your Gift Coin in DevilzMu Shop X, you will earn 1 ranking point, providing an exciting opportunity to win exclusive and rare rewards by reaching prominent positions.

TOP 1 5x Rare Item¹
TOP 2 3x Rare Item
TOP 3 1x Rare Item
TOP 4 2x Rare Socket
TOP 5 1x Rare Socket
TOP 6-10 8.000 DVZ Coins

How does the award system work?

With each Rare Item, you can choose 1x Full Option Item (cannot be repeated) from any category. Socketed items can have up to 5 Socket Level 6 options (you decide which) with BSO or choose from Wings Level 3 (Standard and Custom), Rings, Pendants, or Pets/Mounts with Harmony option support (you decide which).

¹ The TOP 1 can choose 1x Wing Level 4 (any class) +Luck, with additional life or additional damage (you decide which) with up to 6 options (you decide which) of rank 4 (max rank).

With each Rare Socket, you can choose two Socket Level 6 options to add to any socketed item you possess.

If you are one of the winners in the TOP 1-5, please contact us via email to claim your prize (The delivery time for requests may vary between 1 to 7 business days in the Brazilian calendar). Other positions should wait for the award to be automatically delivered by the system within 7 business days in the Brazilian calendar.



The ranking will be divided into two stages. On February 06, 2024 at 11:59 PM (UTC), the ranking will be reset, and the TOP 10 will be rewarded based on their positions. On February 20, 2024 at 11:59 PM (UTC), the TOP 10 finalists will also receive rewards according to their positions.

To purchase the desired package, visit our online store:


PACKAGE 01 R$ 15,00 (150 DVZCoin) 5% Bonus 158 DVZCoin -
PACKAGE 02 R$ 50,00 (500 DVZCoin) 10% Bonus 550 DVZCoin -
PACKAGE 03 R$ 100,00 (1.200 DVZCoin) 15% Bonus 1.380 DVZCoin -
PACKAGE 04 R$ 200,00 (3.000 DVZCoin) 15% Bonus 3.450 DVZCoin -
PACKAGE 05 R$ 300,00 (7.000 DVZCoin) 20% Bonus 8.400 DVZCoin 1 GiftCoin
PACKAGE 06 R$ 600,00 (14.000 DVZCoin) 30% Bonus 18.200 DVZCoin 3 GiftCoin
The promotion is valid until February 20, 2024 at 11:59 PM (UTC);
The promotion is valid for all forms of payment;
Package 06, is only available in special promotions, after the end it is removed from our online store.
The GiftCoin gift is only valid for packs 4, 5 and 6.

To purchase the desired package, visit our online store: