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    Aug, 2022

    (Solved) Bonus Socket Option

    Hi team,

    I am writing this to give suggestions about Bonus Socket Option (BSO) to make everything balanced and usable.

    We have 2 BSO Types: Def and HP

    BSO gives 2200 Def, whereas, HP only provides 2900 HP.

    Now, the problem with the balance is with how much Def and how much HP it gives.

    Def BSO provides 2200 which is very significant. You will need to allocate a significant amount of Agi to get the 2200 defense. You will only need around 600 Vit to get a 2900 HP. And for sure, players won't choose to put in a lot of Agility stats just to get that amount of what the defense BSO offer, whereas, putting just a small amount of Vit will provide the 290 which that is why it is being ignored or all the Player will choose Def BSO because of how much it can help all the class and how much stats they will save and allocate to other stats. Whereas, 2900 HP is very insignificant to the point player chose not to use it because they can just put in a small of amount Vit Stats to get what the BSO offers.

    I am writing this to make everything more diverseand , usable, to flexible, and provide a lot of types of builds for every character. Yes, it is just a Bonus Socket Option, but with how unusable/insignificant it is, it is like the combination to get HP BSO is not that important anymore.

    I am very sure that your team will do something about it and might actually currently considering it since your team promotes diversity and wants improvement.

    I am looking forward to the day it will be updated/implemented.

    Yours trully,
    Hardcore MU Gamer

    Edit :

    Just to add :

    With 4 Stats, you will only get 1 Def. You need 8800 stats to get 2200 Def. Imagine saving 44000 stats to get 11000 Defense from the 5 parts BSO Set.

    With 4 stats, you will only get 12 HP, and you will only need 241 stats to get 2900 HP. So logically, why get the HP BSO if you'll only need that much stats to get it.
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