Updated guide: 07/18/2022 (revision 1)

For a long time the Illusion Temple has been waiting for its release on the DevilzMu continent, and behold, the time has finally come for powerful spells to haunt the brave warriors who will populate the lost lands in search of the ultimate prize.

Only one of the teams will be the bravest and most skilled to earn more points by honoring the sacred items. This winning team will receive a valuable and expected Illusion Temple Relic - Box, which will give the opportunity to further increase their power by dropping the Sphere Upgrade Rune given exclusively by the Illusion Temple event.

The power is of all DevilzMu warriors and daily showing your skills you will be able to evolve to a new level in the great battles. Were you curious about evolution? Visit our guide and read more:


Illusion Temple is based on two randomly created teams (maximum of 5 people per team), aiming at a kind of "steals flag", where teams will try to get as many points as possible.

The Stone Statue may be in the northern or southern parts of the map, and this definition is randomly made.

Objective 1: Get to the Stone Statue and collect the Cursed Castle Water item;
Objective 2: Register Cursed Castle Water in Alliance Sacred Item Storage and or Illusion Castle Sacred Item Storage;

With each Cursed Castle Water recorded, the team will earn one point and win the one that makes the most points during the 15 minutes duration of the event.

* If any of the teams score 7 points before 15 minutes, the event will automatically end and the teams victory will be counted;


Spell of Protection Your character will be immune to damage for 15 seconds 5 kills
Spell of Restriction Immobilize the enemy for 15 seconds 5 kills
Spell of Pursuit Your character is teleported to where Cursed Castle Water 10 kills
Shied Burn Enemy SD is decreased by 50% 5 kills

* Kill points can be acquired by killing your enemies and or neutral monsters within the event;


You can create two types of invitations through Chaos Machine, including +1 or +2. To create Scroll of Blood, the following ingredients will be required:

1x Illusion Sorcerer Covenant

1x Old Scroll

1x Jewel of Chaos Bundle +1
(20 units)

* Illusion Sorcerer Covenant and Old Scroll +1 and +2 can be dropped on all monsters that have a level of 70 or more;
* In case of failure, all ingredients will be consumed without exception;


After creating your Scroll of Blood you must wait for the time and announcement of the event and you will have 5 minutes to enter through Mirage NPC, located in Elbeland at coordinates (X: 189, Y: 21):

After clicking on the NPC you can see how many participants have already entered the event and what levels are available for participation. We will have only 2 levels of participation at this first time, with the following entry requirements:

(level 1)
  • Max 20,000 points distributed;
  • Only items with up to 2 add exec, being prohibited the use of 380 items, ancient, w/ add harmony or sockets;
  • Resets equal to or above 5;
  • Level equal to or above 100;
(level 2)
  • No limitation of distributed points;
  • Items free;
  • Resets equal to or above 5;
  • Level equal to or above 100;

* At level 1 you will not be allowed to add points and equip/unequip items;


Event takes place on servers '[G1]General 1', '[G3]General 3' and '[V1]VIP 1', at the following times:

11:30 AM (GMT -3)
05:30 PM (GMT -3)
11:30 PM (GMT -3)


(per member of the winning time)
(level 1)
[G1] [G3] 1x Illusion Temple Relic - Box
(level 2)
[G1] [G3] 2x Illusion Temple Relic - Box
(level 1)
[V1] 2x Illusion Temple Relic - Box
(level 2)
[V1] 4x Illusion Temple Relic - Box

The Illusion Temple Relic - Box will give you the chance to drop DVZ Points, Sphere Upgrade Rune, excellent full items and among other possibilities.

• The use of fake bots/accounts for participation in Illusion Temple is expressly prohibited. If any player takes action, all linked accounts will be permanently banned.